As the author of “THE PEDESTRIAN, WORDSWORTH”, I would like to welcome you to the book's website.

Although the three volumes that make up my book are centred very much on the life and poetry of William Wordsworth and the society for which he wrote, I must confess that I am neither a scholar of English Literature nor am I a Historian.  On the contrary, I am a mathematics graduate who spent the first half of my working life as an Accountant in Industry, and the remainder managing a large computer network.  It is retirement that has allowed me to complete this 'labour of love' on which I have been engaged for a number of years.

My justification for embarking on this work rests solely on my admiration of the poetry.  My motive for writing the book is to help other readers to more fully enjoy that poetry by providing, in a straightforward way, pertinent contextual information.  My own experience has been that, on the one hand, books written by academics primarily for academics, assume that their readers already know all about the religious dissenters of the late seventeenth century, the causes and progress of the French revolution, and the domestic and foreign policy of William Pitt’s government; on the other hand, authors addressing a more general market, while mentioning these matters, provide little detailed information about them.  My prime objective in writing “THE PEDESTRIAN, WORDSWORTH” has been to address many of these topics and allow readers to understand Wordsworth’s writing in the context of his contemporary society.

When I am not researching the life and times of William Wordsworth, or pursuing another interest in the history of Ancient Greece, I spend time walking the fells and valleys of Cumbria with my wife,  following in the footsteps of the poet.

For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;